Collection: Congratulation Flowers

Celebrate the special moments with congratulation flowers worthy of your life's biggest achievements. We picked the best flowers and colors to best convey wishes of congratulations, pride and joy. These flowers are perfect as graduation flowers, well wishes for a new home, and engagement, business event flowers, newborn flowers, and so much more! Say "Congratulations!" every time with Dragonetti Florist. 

Congratulations Flowers

Ways to Say Congratulations

Celebrating a big achievement or special milestone deserves a meaningful tribute. Sending congratulations flowers is a heartfelt way to show your pride and share in the joy. At Dragonetti Florist, we have a beautiful selection of flowers perfect for any celebration, from graduations to job promotions, and everything in between.

Graduation Flowers

Graduation is such a proud moment, and it calls for something vibrant and cheerful. Sunflowers are a fantastic choice for graduation flowers, symbolizing happiness and success. Their bright and sunny appearance can bring a lot of joy to any celebration. Roses are also a classic option; yellow roses stand for friendship and new beginnings, while red roses signify admiration and respect. A mixed bouquet of colorful roses can capture the excitement and pride of graduating perfectly.

Job Promotions and Business Event Flowers

For job promotions and career milestones, lilies are an elegant choice. White lilies symbolize commitment and fresh starts, while stargazer lilies represent prosperity and ambition. Orchids, known for their beauty and grace, symbolize strength and admiration, making them perfect business event flowers and for congratulating someone on their professional success.

Personal Milestones

Big milestones like anniversaries, new homes, or welcoming a new baby also call for special flowers. Carnations are a versatile choice, with red carnations expressing admiration and pride, and white carnations standing for pure love and good luck. Tulips, especially in lively shades of pink and yellow, can add warmth and joy to any celebration.

Say Congrats With Love

At Dragonetti Florist, we know how important it is to celebrate life’s big moments, especially as a family business ourselves. Our team is here to help you choose beautiful and meaningful arrangements that say “congratulations” in the best way. Whether you’re looking for a vibrant bouquet to brighten someone’s day or an elegant arrangement to show your pride, we have the perfect flowers for any occasion.


Is it normal to get flowers for graduation?

Definitely! Giving flowers for graduation is a popular way to add some extra excitement and joy to the big day. Flowers make any celebration brighter, and they’re a perfect gift for graduates. Whether it's for high school, college, or any other milestone, graduation flowers are a fantastic way to mark the occasion. Here at Dragonetti Florist in Brooklyn, we have beautiful bouquets made just for graduations. So why not make your loved one’s special day even more memorable with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers?

What flowers are suitable for graduation?

When it comes to graduation flowers, you want something that symbolizes success and achievement. Roses, lilies, and orchids are great choices. Roses show love and admiration, perfect for recognizing all the hard work. Lilies stand for purity and dedication, reflecting the effort put into reaching this milestone. Orchids represent beauty and strength, celebrating the resilience needed to graduate. We can help you pick the perfect flowers to create a meaningful and beautiful graduation bouquet.

Do you buy men flowers for graduation?

Yes, giving flowers to boys and men for their graduation is a wonderful idea. At Dragonetti Florist, we believe flowers are a great way to show love, care, and congratulations to anyone. A well-chosen bouquet can make any graduate feel special and appreciated. When thinking about flowers for men or teenage boys, consider their personality and favorite color. Some might like bold, vibrant flowers, while others might prefer something more understated and elegant. Our team here in Brooklyn knows how to create graduation flowers that match anyone’s taste, making your gift unforgettable.

What flower represents a new baby?

Celebrating the arrival of a new baby is a joyous occasion, and choosing the right new baby flowers can make it even more special. Baby’s Breath is a beautiful choice for representing a new baby. These delicate flowers symbolize purity, innocence, and everlasting love, making them perfect for welcoming a newborn. Baby’s Breath is often used in bouquets to add a gentle touch, capturing the essence of a new life.

For newborn flowers, you might also consider lilies and daisies. Lilies symbolize purity and motherhood, while daisies represent innocence and cheerfulness. At Dragonetti Florist in Brooklyn, we offer stunning arrangements featuring Baby’s Breath and other flowers ideal for celebrating the arrival of a newborn. Our newborn flowers are designed to convey your heartfelt joy and congratulations, making your gift truly memorable.