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The Historical Significance of Carnations on Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a cherished holiday that celebrates the love and sacrifices of mothers, grandmothers, and maternal figures worldwide. Central to this celebration are flowers, particularly carnations, which hold a special place in the hearts of many. At Dragonetti Florist, we are passionate about helping our customers in Brooklyn find the perfect Mother's day flowers. Let's explore why carnations have become synonymous with this day and their enduring legacy as the official flower of Mother’s Day. 

The Origins of Mother’s Day and the Carnation

The story of Mother's Day in the United States began in 1908, thanks to the dedication of Anna Jarvis, a woman determined to honor her mother and mothers everywhere. 

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A Mother’s Love

Jarvis and her mother, Ann Reeves Jarvis, were both activists and shared a tight bond. When Ann fell ill, Jarvis cared for her by her side up until her death in 1905. 

Jarvis’ inspiration for creating Mother’s Day stems back from a prayer her mother said about caring for and appreciating mothers everywhere.  On the first official Mother's Day service held at Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church in Grafton, West Virginia, Jarvis distributed hundreds of white carnations, her late mother’s favorite flower, to each mother present. This gesture was symbolic, representing the purity, strength, and endurance of a mother's love.

A Touching Start

From this touching start, the carnation quickly became the emblem of Mother’s Day. Anna Jarvis chose the carnation as an ode to her mother and for the wider cultural meanings attributed to carnations. In many traditions, carnations symbolize admiration, love, and distinction; qualities that encapsulate the essence of motherhood.

Carnations: A Symbol Through Time

Over the years, the tradition of giving carnations on Mother's Day has evolved but the essence remains the same. The color of the carnation flower also began to hold significance: red carnations came to signify a mother who is still living, while white carnations are used to honor a mother who has passed away. This distinction allows individuals to express deep emotions and respect through the simple act of giving flowers.

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In Brooklyn and beyond, carnations remain a popular choice among flowers to get for Mother's Day. They are beautiful and long-lasting and carry a rich history and meaningful symbolism that resonates with many.

Carnations and Modern Mother's Day Celebrations

As Mother's Day has evolved, the variety of flowers given has broadened, but carnations continue to be a top pick. This is largely due to their vibrant colors, delicate beauty, and the ability to stay fresh for a long period, making them a practical and sentimental choice. At Dragonetti Florist, we pride ourselves on sourcing the finest carnations to ensure that your gift not only looks stunning but also holds a deeper historical and emotional value.

Other Popular Choices

The practice of giving flowers has expanded to include various arrangements, incorporating other popular Mother's Day flowers such as roses, lilies, and tulips, each adding their own special meaning and flair to the bouquet. However, the inclusion of at least one carnation can be a nod to the traditional roots of this holiday and the humble gesture of love.

Celebrate Tradition and Style with Dragonetti Florist

At Dragonetti Florist, located in the heart of Brooklyn, we understand the importance of quality and tradition. Our selection of Mother's Day flowers includes beautifully designed arrangements perfect for expressing love and gratitude to the special moms and mother figures in your life. Whether you are looking for a classic bouquet of carnations or want to mix things up with a modern arrangement featuring a variety of blooms, our expert florists are here to help.

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This Mother's Day, honor the tradition that Anna Jarvis started over a century ago with a beautiful bouquet from Dragonetti Florist. Visit our Brooklyn store or check our online collection to find the perfect flowers to express your love and appreciation. 

Let Dragonetti Florist help you make this Mother's Day memorable with flowers that tell a story as beautiful as the women we are celebrating. Visit or call us today and keep the spirit of Mother's Day flourishing with a gesture that touches the heart as deeply today as it did over a century ago.
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